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All-In-One Express

Pressed for time? Our very popular All-in-One Express class teaches you the basics of the birth process, beginning breastfeeding and basic newborn care – all in one class. As an …

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Preparing for Childbirth

Congratulations you’re having a baby! Our Preparing for Childbirth class covers everything you need to know to prepare for childbirth. As an expectant parent you probably have a lot of …

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Labor Skills Workshop

This is a hands on class focused on coping strategies to help navigate labor discomforts best coupled with a Preparing for Childbirth or All-In-One Express class. Using a birth ball you’ll …

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Combination Breastfeeding and Newborns 101

Combine our popular Breastfeeding and Newborns 101 classes into a one time class where both topics are covered. The Combination Breastfeeding and Newborns 101 is a great fit for expectant …

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A little bit of preparation goes a long way when you’re planning to breastfeed. For first time breastfeeding parents, breastfeeding can feel overwhelming. If you’re expecting a baby and have …

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Newborns 101

Newborns 101 prepares you for life with a newborn baby. You’ll “graduate” ready to start life with your new baby! So you’ve had your baby now what do you do …

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Natural Childbirth

Our Natural Childbirth Class is a comprehensive childbirth class with a holistic lens. Natural Childbirth is the prenatal class best suited to for expectant parents who wish to avoid or …

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Expecting Multiples Online

Parents of twins (or triplets) need extra preparation! Caring for multiple tiny babies at once brings its own special set of joys and challenges. Expectant parents should plan to complete …

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Understanding Cesarean Birth

Want to feel more prepared for your upcoming cesarean birth? Whether your cesarean is planned or unplanned, Understanding Cesarean Birth will provide you with a unique online learning experience that …

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Infant CPR

We strongly encourage everyone in your baby’s caregiving circle to take an Infant CPR class, including parents, grandparents, babysitters and nannies. We love to see your baby’s care circle complete …

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Grandparents Class

New grandparents are you wondering how to be supportive to the new family in your life? Refresh your memories of baby care, get an update on today’s practices and join …

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Private Childbirth Class

Private sessions are available in person at our Edina location, or virtually, and  can cover a variety of topics including childbirth, cesarean birth, starting off with breastfeeding, and basic baby care. Please note …

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New Mama

Calling all first time mamas! Do you have a brand new baby? Come see why so many moms tell us this class is the best thing they did for themselves. …

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New Dads Class

Come join the fun with other new dads and experience a time just for you and your new baby. This is a special time where you will have the freedom to …

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Second Time Mama

Becoming a Mama again? It’s different this time around! Bring your newborn to a baby-friendly environment. We’ll refresh your memory on the basics as well as discuss managing a multi-kid …

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Beyond Newborns

Now that your baby has outgrown the newborn months, you’re ready to take on the next stage. Many moms are wondering what to do with their babies? Bring your baby …

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Rolly Pollies

Hey parents! Got a baby in the 6-12 month range? Join us for all the fun that comes in our Rolly Pollies classes. Each week we will discuss 1 of …

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Infant Feeding Q&A

Facilitated by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, this session is a time to ask your feeding questions and connect with other parents. There is no registration and no fee …

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Pumping and Milk Storage 101

Whether you’re planning to pump a little or a lot this webinar will guide you through all things pumping, storage and feeding. You’ll learn: About the different kinds of pumps …

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Starting Solids with Baby Led Weaning

Is your baby stealing bites off your plate? You might be ready to learn about introducing solids! Led by New Mama instructor and IBCLC, Vickie Albright, this class is recommended …

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Baby Massage

Infant massage is a wonderful way to promote brain development through positive touch. While promoting development you may see your baby becoming calmer, happier and easier to soothe.  They may …

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Small Talk: Infant Sign Language For You and Your Hearing Baby

As babies near their first birthday, language starts to develop. But until they master words, those little people can have big frustrations when no one understands them! Teaching your baby …

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Buckle Up Baby

Get your infant car seat questions answered at Amma! Taught by a Certified Passenger Safety Technician, this workshop focuses on avoiding common installation errors and using your infant seat safely.  This …

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Cloth Diapering 101

Cloth Diapering 101 is a super informative session focused on all the different types of diapers, styles, accessories, washing processes and delivery services.

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