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cancellation & return policies

cancellations & sick policies

The following policies apply to Prenatal classes, New Parent classes, and Workshops.

Cancellations may be done by calling the center in advance of your class. If you do not get an answered call please leave a voicemail and we will honor your cancellation with the given policies.

  • There will be a $15 cancellation fee per class for all classes.
  • Any cancellations within 3 days of your class will be refunded at 50%.
  • There are no refunds after your class has started.

Refunds for cancellations for medical reasons will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The $15 cancellation fee may still apply.

For the New Parent classes, trust and support are built upon cohesion with your classmates, and topics may vary from group to group. For these reasons there are no make-up sessions.

If you or your baby has a fever (100.4+), vomiting, diarrhea, or other obvious signs of illness, you must protect the others in your class by staying home until your baby has been symptom-free for 24 hours. If you are unsure whether your baby is eligible to attend class (i.e. mild coughs, colds, or viral illnesses that are resolving), we ask you to check with your baby’s health care provider to understand whether the illness is currently contagious and might be transmitted, and whether your baby is cleared to attend class.

In person classes: When choosing an in person class it is important to plan to attend in person to ensure best experience for all. If you cannot commit to this consider a virtual class instead.

Inclement weather: If the class is canceled due to inclement weather, we will contact you directly by email and text . Please check your email often when you see the weather is bad. If your class is canceled due to weather, we will do our best to find you a make-up class. If no make-up classes fit your schedule, you will be issued a refund. Note: In the event of inclement weather an in person class may turn into virtual in certain circumstances. You will be notified and given options if this no longer fits your education needs.

Classes may be canceled for low enrollment. Although this is rare, know that we will work with you to find another session, but if nothing else fits your schedule we will issue a full refund.

Weather Cancellation Policy

If the class is canceled due to inclement weather, we will contact you directly by email and text. Please check your email often when you see the weather is bad.

Weather related cancellations will be managed on a case by case basis but may include one of the following options below:

  1. An in person class may be switch to a virtual format in certain circumstances.
  2. We will offer a reschedule to existing dates.
  3. You will be auto rescheduled to a newly created new make-up date. Please note you will still be able to reschedule if the new date does not work.
  4. A recurring class, such as New Mama, may skip a week and add onto the series as a make-up date. Your class will be communicated with to meet the needs of the overall group.

You will be notified and given options but we will discuss individual needs with you directly if these solutions are no longer a good fit.

Switching Classes

Clients may switch into another section of a stand alone class, provided there is space.  This must be done by calling the center. Switches must be done within 3 days of your class so we have every opportunity to fill your vacancy. Refunds or reschedules are not given after a class has been missed.

No reschedules are available for classes missed in our New Parent Programs or recurring Prenatal Classes such as Preparing for Childbirth, Natural Childbirth, Expecting Multiples, etc.


Class registrations

Unless otherwise noted, all Prenatal classes accommodate one expectant parent and one non-pregnant support person (partner, mom, sister, etc). Any additional attendees need to register for the class separately and pay full tuition, assuming there is space in the class.

Please note that a hospital tour is not part of any prenatal classes at Amma. You can contact your birthplace directly for information about tours.

Virtual classes:  Occasionally our classes are recorded for teacher training and development.  Your teacher will always inform you if your class is being recorded, giving you the option to turn off your video if you so chose.

Amma Parenting Center honors all the ways to become a family. We use the term “expectant parent” to include parents of all genders and relationships to their children, whether it be biological, adoptive, or via surrogate.

The New Mama Class, Second Time Mama, New Dads and Beyond Newborns accommodate just the mother or father and baby. All other New Parent classes accommodate two members of the same family. If your family includes two moms and you’d both like to attend New Mama that’s great! To ensure you both experience class the way it is intended please each register for different class sessions. 

With twins, both babies count as one registration in our New Parent classes.

No children or infants are allowed in prenatal classes.

We’re sorry, but due to the classroom size we cannot accommodate foreign language interpreters. Doing so creates noise disruptions.  Families who are not native English speakers will find our online childbirth class comprehensive and easily translated by an interpreter.  You can also look into our private childbirth classes, to which you may bring your interpreter. For hearing impaired clients, please contact our Director of Prenatal Education, so that we can make a plan for your education.


Class reimbursement

Some health insurances may cover part or all of the cost of your class or allow you to use funds from your health savings account. Be sure to check with your insurance provider. Amma Parenting Center cannot guarantee coverage. We will provide you with a receipt which you may submit.


Inclusion Policy

Being introduced to a range of parenting experiences shows us there are many ways to be a family.


At Amma, we are committed to fostering a community of support and inclusion. With ongoing staff training, we will continue to value every new and expectant parent regardless of age, race, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, national origin, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, parent type (biological or adoptive), feeding method (breast/chest or bottle), and any other characteristics that make our community unique.


As a participant in any of our classes, you are opting into this community of inclusion and support.

Participation Waiver

Below is the Amma class participant waiver for reference. It is signed at the time of registration so you do not need to print and bring it along class again.

Amma Parenting Release for ________________________________

By checking the box and signing below, I hereby acknowledge and agree that Amma Parenting Center, Inc. (“Amma Parenting Center”) offers classes and services, but that none of them offer or give medical advice or provide medical services, nor are any such classes or services a substitute for medical advice or medical services from a licensed healthcare professional or provider, and nor should they be relied upon as medical advice. I further acknowledge and agree that I should consult with my doctor or a licensed healthcare provider (or my baby’s healthcare provider) for any medical questions that I may have, including those questions which may be related to the classes or services provided by Amma Parenting Center.  I hereby covenant not to sue Amma Parenting Center, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees, instructors, contractors, insurers, lessors and agents (collectively the “Released Parties”) for any action, cause of action, claim or injury (whether to person or property) resulting from, related to or in connection with, directly or indirectly, the classes and services offered by Amma Parenting Center, and hereby release and forever discharge Amma Parenting Center and the Released Parties of and from any and all liability, damages,  losses, claims, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’’ fees)  I have or might have against any of them arising out of or in connection with the classes or services I receive from Amma Parenting Center.

I have discussed my participation with my doctor or other licensed healthcare provider of my choice and am aware of the risks that my participation in classes or receiving services from Amma Parenting Center may cause, including but not limited to illness, injury or death.

I hereby covenant, understand and agree that, if any time prior to attending a class or receiving in-person services from Amma Parenting Center, any of the following statements are not true, I will not attend such class or receive such services:  (i) neither I nor any participants attending with me have experienced COVID-19 related symptoms in the last 14 days, and (ii) neither I nor any participant attending with me has traveled internationally by sea or air in the last 30 days.

I acknowledge and agree that I am fully, and solely, responsible for my own safety and the safety of any participants joining me.




General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my spouse come to the classes? Can I bring a friend?

Tuition to our prenatal classes covers the expectant mother and one support person.

The rest of our classes are priced per person. If you’d like to bring a friend or a spouse/partner, then they will need to purchase a separate admission. As your spouse/partner receives the benefits of your membership, they will receive the member discount on their tuition.

What form of payments can be used?

We accept most major credit or debit cards with the exception of American Express. Some HSA/FSA cards will process through but you will want to check with your insurance provider on this first.

How will I be communicated with from Amma Parenting?

Upon creating an Amma Account you give us permission to communicate with you by the  phone number, text or email provided.

To opt out of a communication, email or text, please email us your request so we can immediately remove you. Click here to for Amma to forget all of your data.

The workshops and guest speakers look great! I want to continue coming, but now my kids are getting older. Will you offer topics pertinent to older kids?

Yes. Our goal is to expand our offerings to span a wide range of topics and ages. If you have an idea for a topic of interest, please email us at info@ammaparenting.com.

Our New Parent series (New Mama Class or Beyond Newborns) accommodate just the mother and her bab

COVID-19 Policies and Update

Experts in the birth world recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for expectant and new parents.

To remain committed to healthy families Amma strongly suggests that participants who register for an in person class are vaccinated for COVID-19.

We encourage you to review the resources below and consult with your provider.

COVID-19 Vaccination Considerations for Obstetric–Gynecologic Care

CDC COVID-19 Vaccines While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

MDH COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy

In addition, Amma has created policies using recommendations given by the CDC and MN Department of Health to ensure a healthy environment for you as we slowly return to in person education. This includes:

  • Amma is using an optional mask model at all locations. If you have any questionable symptoms we would ask that you stay home until they resolve. 
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures.
  • Arranging classrooms to provide space between clients.
  • Limiting communal supplies.

In the case of illness we have put the following policies in place:

  • Please stay home from Amma activities per the policies in the section below.
  • Please contact info@ammaparenting.com for questions.
  • If you call after hours with illness questions please wait for us to call you back and do not come to class. 

A person can return to Amma activities when:

At least 24 hours have passed since symptoms first appeared AND

At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications AND

Symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) have improved.

To check symptoms and updated recommendations you may visit:

  1. Symptoms of COVID-19
  2. Getting Tested for COVID-19 MDH
  3. How long should I quarantine?

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