There are many wonderful resources available to new parents, both online and in our own community. Select a topic below to see some of our recommendations.

Baby Care, Development, Daycare, and Safety

Child Safety:

American Academy of Pediatrics:

MN Department of Health: info on Newborn Screening

Help Me Grow: all about developmental milestones and how to access in-person home visits to track infant development

Think Small: services, resources, and advocacy for early childhood education in Minnesota

Sleep Safety



Amma Parenting:

  • Ongoing free virtual breastfeeding Q&A times with a lactation consultant. You can ask a lactation consultant any feeding questions you have and get tips from other moms. more


New Fathers

Check out the Amma New Dads class!

Other options:

Minneapolis district and the St Paul district for more information on Dads Classes. More local resources can be seen here.

Launchpad Dads Groups

Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Emotional Health

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