1 - 2 minutes readReader ModeOne simple way to reduce childbirth risks AND staff hours

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Even before the pandemic strained many U.S. healthcare providers to their limits, experts had been predicting that medical staffing shortages are on the horizon. A 2018 study by Mercer predicted a shortage of over 135,000 physicians, nursing assistants, and nurse practitioners nationwide by 2025.

Solving this challenge is complex. As your organization looks for proactive solutions, one strategic choice is to outsource childbirth education services to a specialized provider like Amma Parenting. Not only can outsourcing childbirth classes free up your staff to focus on direct patient care, but evidence-based childbirth education like Amma’s is also proven to reduce complications during the birthing process.

With Amma, OB/GYNs and Midwives can trust that patients are receiving education that’s based on the most current best practices and medical insights. All Amma childbirth classes are taught by registered nurses or certified childbirth educators, and Amma handles all the logistics—removing that time-consuming task from your plate. 

Amma has provided childbirth education services for over 15 years and is the largest provider of childbirth education in the Midwest. Three of the top health systems in Minnesota choose Amma as their provider of choice, and OBs, Midwives, and new moms trust Amma for the highest level of support.

Is it time for your organization to free up staff and better support expectant moms? 

Partner with Amma to provide childbirth & parenting education. Learn More

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