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Including Amma Parenting in its benefits package gains rave reviews for this organization

As a national leader in wellness, Minnesota’s M Health Fairview prides itself on providing outstanding health benefits to its 32,000 employees. “Healthcare is a highly competitive hiring environment,” says Alexis, employee wellbeing specialist at Fairview. “We want to be the employer of choice.”

Attracting and retaining top talent

Each year, Alexis and the HR team reevaluate their benefits package—and only the best offerings make the cut. Amma Parenting is always on the list. The mostly female employee population at Fairview has raved about Amma’s prenatal education and new-mom support groups.

“Our employees love Amma’s robust programming,” says Alexis. “They even have an infant CPR class for grandparents!”

Happy mamas = Happy employees

Since incorporating Amma Parenting’s in-person and video classes in 2014, employee participation in these programs continues to grow. Word of mouth is strong—with 98% of participants expressing satisfaction with Amma’s education and many Fairview employees staying connected for years after their initial prenatal and new mama classes. Many employees who became moms together are still supporting each other through each new stage of parenthood.

Relying on trusted educators

With many of M Health Fairview’s employees being medical professionals themselves, the expertise provided by Amma’s ICEA-certified (International Childbirth Education Association) educators is especially important.

“We have a great partnership with Amma,” says Alexis. “They are so easy to communicate with and always open to new ideas.”

Do you want to help new parents in your workforce reduce depression and stay productive? Schedule a chat with us today to see how easy it is to add parenting support to your benefits package.

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