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Connecting local families in the Twin Cities.

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In Person Classes

Connecting local families in the Minneapolis / St Paul area.

Mom and Baby Classes

  • The New Mama Class (select in person options available)

    The New Mama Class (select in person options available)

    In person classes are scheduled in the Edina location only.

    Calling all Amma Mamas! Do you have a brand new baby? Come see why moms tell us this class is the best thing they did for themselves. Bring your newborn to a baby-friendly environment and get help on all the topics of concern to new moms: feeding, sleep, soothing, vaccinations and pediatric visits, postpartum adjustment, emotions, returning to work, and more. You won’t find a more welcoming place for help and encouragement than the New Mama Class.  The perfect way to spend maternity leave!

    The New Mama Class supports all new mothers.  Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, parenting solo, partnered or married, adoptive or biological, have one baby or twins, you are welcome here. Being introduced to a range of parenting experiences shows us how many right ways there are to be a family.

    You’ll leave this class with confidence and friends for life.

    Our teachers are all Registered Nurses, Board Certified Lactation Consultants, or both.

    Plan to start your 6-week session when your baby will be between the ages of 1 to 8 weeks of age.  This class and its curriculum are designed specifically for mamas and their babies of this age. We recommend you register prior to the arrival of your baby. Look for a class series that begins 2 to 3 weeks after your due date. Please note: this class is intended for first-time mamas.

    *If your baby is older than 8 weeks of age at the start of the session, please consider our Beyond Newborn class.

    Member Tuition: $157.50 for six-weekly 2-hour sessions

    Non-Member Tuition: $175

    COVID-19 and Your In person Class

    We ask that families read our policies before registering for classes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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